Sunday, 23 October 2011

This is Wiss at Dulwich Market

I made my debut at Dulwich Farmers Market and Craft Fair today! This was still only my third stall selling and I was excited to see what a different audience would think of my products.

As usual, I had planned to make so much more than I was able to in the time and it seemed that my son and my sewing machine were in cahoots with each other and neither wanted me to get much done last week! But I had enough to work with and this morning I set up my stall in the Cloisters of the college.

It was really lovely to meet and chat to so many new people - it's a great way to get feedback on my products and find out what the customer wants. As Alan Sugar says, you need to "smell what sells" but it's so interesting that it's never the same product! At my first market the Flannel Monsters were flying off the stall, but I didn't even sell one today. The waterproof bags seem to be consistently popular though and I will be making lots more of these for the next fair. They have sold well in sets with the changing mats but also on their own as wash bags or for swimming costumes. It looks like I'll just have to go fabric shopping soon!

I gave out lots of business cards and hope that I will get some some new visitors to my site. I also got lots of compliments on the business cards themselves - they are pretty damn fancy but I can't take all the credit myself. I ordered them through Moo - they are thick and silky to touch and the best thing is you can upload up to 20 different images to showcase your products. They also print minicards, stickers and postcards too.

Back to the sewing machine for me tomorrow night because I have plans for a Halloween costume for Wiss...!

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