Wednesday, 19 June 2013

This post is disgusting!

Wiss is growing up so fast I can't quite believe it. He is learning so much, so quickly it is amazing to be part of it. He is fascinated by letters at the moment and as well as trying to write, he wants to know how to spell words. I've been sounding them out with him so he can start to work it out for himself. Here are some of the words he requested we spell...

Oh yes, that's one of the other things he's really into at the moment...toilet humour! Farts, poos, bums, wee-wee, they're all a source of great amusement at the moment in our house. I say 'at the moment' but actually, they're pretty funny all the time aren't they? (I hope it's not just me, or this post is going to be a bit odd!)

If your child is like mine, or you just want to indulge in a little yukky humour yourself then try out these brilliant books. Warning, they're not for the faint-hearted!
Bertie is a normal little boy who just happens to like picking his nose, weeing in the bushes and licking the dog. David Roberts' illustrations are brilliantly funny and appeal to Wiss as much as me. There's lots to spot on all the pages, and then there's the disgusting finale that never fails to make Wiss laugh!
In this book Bertie lets off some stinky farts in all sorts of places, much to the disgust of his family. But then he discovers that actually, we all do it! There are some hilarious turn of phrases for breaking wind, that maybe amused me a little bit too much, and the same great illustrations of Bertie and his family.
This is the story of Bernard the Robot who loses his bottom! The story is basically just a build-up to the fab punchline "I'm not a robot, I'm a No-Bot!" but it is hugely entertaining too. This has both Wiss and I giggling every time we read it, especially as they do the same bottom-wiggling dance that is popular in our house at the moment. (Please say we're not alone in this too??!)

Finally we have THE most brilliant book about poo. Yes, honestly! I was told about this book by a Dutch friend of mine who couldn't believe I wasn't already aware of it. In Holland, it seems, this book is the norm. It's as famous as the Hungry Caterpillar is here...
The Mole in this story is having a bad day. He pops his head above ground only to have a huge poo land right on top of his head. Yep, that's a bad day alright! He sets out to discover who has done his business on his head, and along the way we get to see all sorts of different poos. We got the 'Plop-Up Edition' and Wiss loves making the various types of 'business' appear, and I love the very descriptive and flowery language used!

As well as being truly yukky and hilariously funny, it's also very educational (well that's what I told my Mother-in-Law at least!) It has sparked lots of conversations about why the poos are different, reinforces the fact that everybody does it and now Wiss is able to spot every bird and dog poo in the park and he shouts them out to let everyone else know too! So kind, my son!
If you have any favourite yukky books I haven't mentioned then please let me know. I've got a feeling this kind of humour is going to last quite some time....