Friday, 14 October 2011

I made it! (Part 1)

Phew! I have just had the busiest weekend but I'm glad to report that all deadlines were meant and everything got done and went well (maybe not smoothly but it was all good!)

Sell It Mama on Saturday was very busy - everyone in South London was on the look out for baby bargains as there was a big crowd when the doors opened.  I sold lots of the changing mat and waterproof bags sets so it seems I made the right decision with regards to the fabric. I had lots of compliments on the choice of patterns and colours available. The individual bags also went down well with people who had older children so had no need for a changing mat but thought they'd still come in useful as a toiletry bag or for swimming costumes.

I was really glad that the new bright range of Bobby Horses was well received - lots of people said they'd make great Christmas presents and took my business card. It seems it was still a bit too early for anyone to commit to some real Christmas shopping yet. However, the good news is This is Wiss will be at the Dulwich Farmer's Market on October 23 and the special Christmas Market on December 18 so there's still lots of time to buy presents!

Back to Sell It Mama, there really are some great bargains to be had from the second-hand stalls and I love the whole ethos of reusing and recycling. Quality hand-me-down items that have been loved already have a special appeal to me. We bought some clothes for Wiss, about 8 toy cars and two big vehicles! We really don't have much space (that's London living!) but we just couldn't pass these up:

This amazing Radio Flyer tricycle was only £10!! They cost at least £120 new but they are made from steel so they are really built to last. It just needs a little clean up and polish and it will be Wiss's birthday present. I reckon it will last him, any brothers or sisters he may have in the future and still be in good condition!

So that was Saturday - a good day all round! I'll tell you all about Sunday in Part 2...

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