Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Celebrating the Boy Summer 2011 (better late than never!)

What a lovely holiday! And until this afternoon it seemed that we'd brought the fabulous Italian weather back with us.

I managed to make two pairs of shorts for Wiss for the holiday - and although the second pair were infinitely better shaped, the pattern could still do with some tweaking. Mainly to allow for the extra large booty that washable nappies give their wearer. (To be fair to Dana, I forgot to print out her pattern for the first pair so I traced a pair of shorts. It didn't work that well! For the second pair I'd got myself more organised and used her pattern.) Still, I was so pleased with the results and was chuffed to bits every time he wore them that I can't wait to make more clothes. Check out MADE kid pants if you'd like to make some for your little man.

Now we're back, normal service must resume. I have had some more orders placed for Bobby Horses, and Changing Bag sets, plus I need to replenish all the stock I sold at Sell it Mama, so it's back to the sewing machine for me this weekend.

We have a special little girl's 3rd birthday party to attend at the end of July and I'd like to make her present: maybe the tutu from the new Oliver + S book? Or perhaps the Warhol Dress? Plus it's kids fancy dress so I'll have to think about what Wiss can go as... ! There are just so many exciting possiblities when you make your own things. Happy sewing!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


This is my very first step into the blogging world so please bear with me while I find my (web) feet!

This is Wiss was launched at June's Sell It Mama event in Gipsy Hill and it was better than I could ever have expected. It was lovely to meet and speak to people in person about my products and get immediate feedback. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello, and special thanks to all my new customers!

Since then I have had a little break from making 'business' stuff to concentrate on some sewing for fun. Specifically, making some clothes for my little man for our holiday to Italy. I followed with interest 'Celebrate the Summer Boy' on two of my favourite blogs; Made and Made by Rae and although I didn't quite manage to make anything for that particular week I did knock up my first ever pair of shorts this weekend! Check out their amazing tutorials and archives and I dare you not to be tempted to make something too!