Monday, 31 October 2011

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge continues...

After another busy push to make enough stock for Dulwich Farmers Market last week, I felt like I was able to spend some time this week making some more of the items on my KCWC wish list.

First on the list was a pair of Flat Front Kid Pants from a bright blue needle cord fabric I've been stashing. It's a really vivid blue but if you can't wear bright colours when you're little then when can you?! I discovered the double needle on my sewing machine - what a great feature! I used it to sew fake pockets and a fake fly to add a little bit more detail, along with a patch pocket on the back.

I teamed them with the moustache applique t-shirt I'd made during KCWC before. I'd seen an image months ago (before Pinterest!) and knew that I wanted to make one for Wiss. I couldn't find the actual image again but a quick search brought up this. And all in great time for Movember, the charity moustache season!

Now the weather has turned I really needed to get round to making the fleece mittens from Oliver & S Little Things to Sew. They were super quick to make, although I think I will make them a little more gathered around the cuff next time. Fingers crossed Wiss will wear these mittens this winter!

Two more items made, an endless list still to go, but I love it!

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