Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me & Mine - A Family Portrait Project 2015 - February

Has it really been a month already? February is a short month but it really has felt like it has flown by! I am still struggling to find some time for me, and blogging but hopefully that will happen soon.....I hope!

What have we been up to this month? We enjoyed Valentine's Day, Pancake Day, our 13 year anniversary of meeting, as well as half term and all the activities that involved. Wiss went to Pirate School at the South Bank 'Imagine' Festival, and got up on stage with Cowboy Max, learnt some circus skills at Clown School in Suffolk, and got brave at the waterpark going down the flumes by himself! I had a nasty bout of mastitis which knocked me for six and wiped me out for a week. The husband went to the NME awards show and tried not to feel too old! And February was a big month for little Ferne: she started on solid foods, learnt to roll from back to front, celebrated her 6 month 'birthday' and started babbling and saying 'mama'!

This month's photo was taken by a photographer at the water park - we were not expecting to have our picture taken but it's a great memento of a very fun, and noisy day on the last day of half term.

I am loving being part of this family portrait project - not only are there such great pictures being shared each month by all the other participants, but it is making me find the photo opportunities that I wouldn't have done before. It's wonderful to see all 4 of us together!

Do pop over and have a look at the rest of this month's Me & Mine portraits...
dear beautiful

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project 2015 - January

I'm back! Tax return done for another year, and now finally I feel like I am able to begin this year properly. I know that it's already a month in but I still have eleven more to plan, fill, enjoy and record!

I have lots planned for the blog, for This is Wiss and for our family life but more of those in the next post. One thing I do want to do is take more pictures of the four of us together, and that's where this fantastic project comes in. Me & Mine is a family portrait project that has been running for a couple of years already, organised by Lucy from Dear Beautiful. The idea is simple: one family portrait each month. By the end of the year each participant will have a wonderful and very personal record of their family - you'll be able to see how you all change, how you grow, what was happening that month. There are loads of people signed up for 2015 and you don't even need to be a blogger as there's a facebook page now too. All the details can be found here.

So here is mine for January...

This month we have been celebrating Lewis's 5th birthday, hoping that it snows (and settles) in London (it didn't), watching Ferne learn to roll over, wrapping up warm to go to the park, listening to Lewis read, making Ferne laugh and eating lots of yummy family meals together.

dear beautiful