Monday, 1 June 2015

Me & Mine - A Family Portrait Project 2015 - May

Another has flown by and we are already in June!! Summer is here....?

Well, to be honest we have had some glorious weather this month but this weekend has been very wet and chilly. Brrrr!

This month's portrait is another selfie-style photo but I love how it's captured our family. Can you guess who has been asserting himself to be the centre of attention?! This picture was taken at the British Museum - we went for the day at Wiss's request as he's been learning about it at school.

This month we had the general election (what a shame, that's all I can say), I eased myself back into work gently with a day's teaching and a This is Wiss stall at a local market. We had (another) half term! Ferne's front teeth are slowly coming and the right one has broken through the gum. Wiss is steaming ahead with his reading and is enjoying looking at menus, road signs, newspapers...anything he can see! It's amazing to see how quickly this skill develops and I'm so proud of him.

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