Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Remember me?!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post so what have I been up to? As always I have been busy but unfortunately not with much sewing! I have lots to plan and make for the Christmas markets coming up but I had to put everything on hold for a while as I was off to Washington!

We had an office trip to Washington for the weekend to visit a building we had recently completed! Pretty amazing, but I was also really looking forward to watching a few films, uninterrupted, on the flights. (I managed to watch only 3 as I also slipped some sleep in there too! Heaven!)

It was a great weekend full of sights, burgers, chilli dogs, drinking, dancing, and of course, architecture. It was a shame I ended the weekend with a mad dash across town to retrieve my forgotten passport (doh!) but the taxi driver saved the day and I made the flight home. Yay!

It took a day or so to get over the jet-lag, and the exhaustion of a weekend out partying (I'm so out of practice!) but it's back to reality now. Christmas is approaching fast and I have three markets to prepare for. I will be selling the usual products alongside a couple of Christmas specials. Here is a sneak preview... Can you tell what it is yet?!

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