Tuesday, 22 November 2011

We can cook!

After my quick trip to Washington, it was straight back to family life (not that I minded! I'm getting too old for drunken late nights !!) No sewing this week though as I was wearing my nurses hat.

Wiss was booked in to have an operation on the Friday and after a short stay in hospital we were back home but the patient needed a week of gentle recuperation. He became addicted to TV whilst we were in hospital and the first few days at home were spent mainly on the sofa watching Mr Tumble, In the Night Garden, Chuggington and all the other CBeebies favourites because we had to stay away from anything too energetic. But I wasn't happy about him just being glued to the telly. One of my favourite CBeebies programme is I Can Cook but I wasn't sure if Wiss was too young to help me in the kitchen.

He is 22 months and he loves to help and get involved (with the washing, loading the dishwasher, laying the table, feeding the cat etc) so I thought I'd give it a go and try to get him to help me cook dinner: One Pot Chili with a Polenta Cobbler Crust. (Recipe is here )

It was a success! I love the concentration on his face and how pleased with himself he looks. He really enjoyed watching the numbers change on the scales as he weighed things out. The end result was delicious and Wiss liked it too. Yes, there was quite a lot of mess to clear up but I can't wait to cook with my sous-chef again soon!

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