Friday, 25 November 2011

Knights & Hosses

Seeing as I'm busy sewing away making as much stock as possible for the next Dulwich Farmer's Markets in December, and I don't have much to show you at the moment, I thought I'd post a little project I finished last month. It was a special little boy's birthday coming up, and as he is mad about Knights and everything to do with them I'd had an idea for a present.

I'm sure you are familiar with Noughts & Crosses, but what about Knights & Hosses??! I wanted to make my version of the game more 3D and interactive for little hands, so rather than using pen and paper I decided to make figures that slotted into a game board. I am lucky enough to work in a fully-stocked workshop so I have access to machines that most people don't but this idea could be adapted and made at home. I started by using wooden dolly pegs for the Knights and Hosses figures.

I cut out the figures' heads on the laser cutter from wood veneer and perspex.

Using a jig and the table saw, I cut a slot in the pegs in which the heads could be glued.

I made the game board/box from clear perspex. The lid slides off so that the Knights & Hosses can be stored inside the box when not in use. I painted the Knights and Hosses with 'team' colours to further differentiate the two sides, and finally, I personalised the box using the laser cutter because who doesn't love having their name on something?

The game made it safely in the post to the birthday boy, and so I was told, it was played with immediately. Happy days!

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