Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We Like to Read - Welcome to Mamoko

Welcome to Mamoko by Aleksandra & Daniel Mizielinski is a fantastic book but I struggled with whether I should include it in the 'We Like to Read' series as the story isn't actually written; there are very few words and the 'reader' is encouraged to make up the story themselves. But it is such an original book, and a firm favourite in our house I wanted to share it.
The first pages of the book introduce you to a whole range of characters, with amazing names such as Olaf Brown, Claude Van Clue, Cecily Beak and Edwin Drench. The following pages are crammed full of fab illustrations, almost like 'Where's Wally' or 'Find Foxy' from Okido. The idea is to pick a character from the front and then search and follow them throughout the book to discover what their story is. Each one intertwines with others, and there is something new to notice each time. We have literally spent hours looking at this book and Wiss even loves to read it by himself too.

There is a new book out too, 'Mamoko in the Year 3000' which is definitely on our wish list!

This post will be linking up with Tigerlilly Quinn so please do check out all the other great books recommended in this series and I'll be back with another book tip next month!


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  1. looks fab! love all the little details you can find! x


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