Friday, 16 May 2014

A Major Work in Progress

I had a few projects in mind for this months 'Work in Progress' post but somehow I've not even found the time to start them, let alone get progressing. My Coco pattern and fabric have just been sitting on my desk, the neon shower curtains I've been commissioned to make are just waiting for some attention. But there's been another work in progress that has been commanding a lot of my time and energy recently, so it seems silly to ignore it.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and this baby is a major Work in Progress!

This blog is primarily about crafting and making - my creative life as a parent - so it's perhaps obvious that I should also write about this big creation, although I've resisted so far. When I heard about the Bloggers Bump Club hosted by Molly on Mother's Always Right I jumped at the chance to join in.

This will be my second child (but my fourth pregnancy) and although I'm getting excited now it's been quite different to my pregnancy with Wiss (now 4 years old.) There was understandable caution and anxiety at the beginning and a reluctance to get too carried away but now I have happily been deemed a 'normal risk' by my consultant. But regardless of what has happened in the past it seems that many women experience their second pregnancy very differently to their first.

With Wiss I had so much time to 'be pregnant'; I read all the books, I wrote a diary, I made time to connect with my bump and I diligently took weekly photos from 14 weeks onwards. This time around....I'm afraid to say that I've not done anything. I took my first bump picture only last week!

I'm hoping that's all about to change. I'll be joining up with some other great bloggers, who also happen to be pregnant at the moment too. The Bloggers Bump Club (#BlogBumpClub) will be a great opportunity for me to stop and think about my pregnancy, at least once a week and to read and compare stories with all the other fab ladies involved. I'm imagining that for me, it may be a full post or as simple as a sharing a picture, recording a feeling or even detailing plans for making things for the new little one, but I'm looking forward to seeing a whole range from everyone. If you're 'in the club' then why not join in too?

I'm also testing out a new Pregnancy App at the moment so expect a review soon. Don't worry, there will still be all the usual posts, I'm just as busy making and crafting as always, but there will be some added extra baby ones sneaking in too! I hope you don't mind :)

Mother's Always Right


  1. Ah, there is always more time in your first pregnancy isn't there? This is my 4th and it seems to be racing by! Look forward to reading your updates :)
    x x

    1. I bet it is racing by if you have others to look after too! I guess maybe you just feel more prepared too? (I hope?!)

  2. Arrggghh I wrote a really long comment that got lost! Looking forward to sharing our journeys through #blogbumpclub

    1. Oh no! I hate it when that happens. Thanks for reading though and I'm glad you're in the blogbumpclub too - you write beautifully and from the heart so I look forward to your posts too.


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