Thursday, 29 May 2014

#BlogBumpClub - 27wks + 2

I received a text alert this week telling me 'Week 27: Your baby is the size of a rutabaga!'*
From about week 4 onwards there are lots of fruit and vegetable comparisons to the size of your developing baby. I find these hilarious, and sometimes downright scary! Week 4: a poppy seed, week 31: a pineapple (ouch!) all the way up to Week 40: a watermelon. I've already had one baby so I'm not completely na├»ve about the size of them when they pop out, and Wiss was 8lb 5oz, but a watermelon? I've seen some mahoosive watermelons out there and I do not fancy carrying one of those around. Even for Patrick Swayze!
I've signed up to a couple of Pregnancy apps which have all this kind of information, and much more. I'm actually using Pregnancy + most and I will be reviewing it in full next week. If you are using an app to help/amuse/organise you during your pregnancy then I'd love to know which one - leave me comment below or tweet me @thisiswiss.
As always, these #BlogBumpClub posts are linking up with other fab bloggers, so don't forget to check out their posts this week, and if you're pregnant too then why not join in?
Mother's Always Right

*in case you didn't know, a rutabaga seems to be American for a swede!


  1. I was wondering what a rutabaga was! I find the comparison thing funny too - but also quite interesting. Fascinating to hear about the changes from week to week. I'll definitely be checking out that app myself!

    1. I had no idea either, never even heard of one before. My husband is a huge Ramsey's Hells Kitchen USA fan though so he knew!
      I got a few funny looks in Sainsburys while I was taking the picture :)

  2. We always laugh at the fruit and veg comparisons. Our favourite was Heirloom Tomato - not just any old tomato!!

  3. Lol, thanks for the definition of a rutabaga as I had no idea what that was! They do come up with some funny comparisons don't they! Adds to the fun reading the daft stuff every week :) xx #blogbumpclub

  4. What on earth is a rutabaga???! Haha never heard of that one. I'm using What to Expect app and I am currently carrying a turnip!!! :D
    x x x


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