Tuesday, 1 April 2014

We Like to Read - 1 to 20 Animals a Plenty

Welcome to my first monthly 'We Like to Read' post!
I'm linking up with Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn, and other bloggers to share what books are popular with our little ones this week (or month!) I love children's books and am always on the hunt for original and wonderful titles so I'm looking forward to getting inspiration myself from this series.

'1 to 20 Animals a Plenty' is by Katie Viggers (published by Eightbear) I bought this book from Katie herself at a Crafty Fox Market in Brixton, but you can buy online too. I loved the illustrations - fun but not cutesy at all - and it was an immediate hit with Wiss. The simple rhyming text is very catchy but we like the fact that she has not gone for the obvious: how many other books have capybaras in them?! There are also many different breeds of the same animal: '9 cats in matching hats' even features a Maine Coon, like our cat Raoul! 

The last pages show all of the animals stacked up from 1 to 20, and Wiss enjoys listing them all from memory. It's a bedtime favourite for us!

If you want more inspiration, don't forget to head over to Tigerlilly Quinn, where there are weekly posts. I'll be back next week with a 'Work in Progress' update...

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  1. Oh oh! I remember this book! I'm sure I read it to my little brother, but I'd forgotten about it. Thanks so much for joining in, off to pin now x


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