Thursday, 1 March 2012

World Book Day Event Part 1

Welcome to the first post of the week long celebration of World Book Day 2012! I'll be starting things off today but I have a great selection of special guests lined up over the next seven days. Make sure you pop by every day to get some great tips and ideas all relating to BOOKS!

This is my very first Book Day event, and I really didn't realise just what a big thing it is in schools. I think it's a great idea to encourage kids to love reading and books. But the thing that really appeals is dressing up! I was very excited when Wiss's nursery asked all the children to come dressed as a favourite character from a book. Being only 2, Wiss didn't really express a preference (although I'm sure it would have been Gruffalo's Child!) I took the easy option and decided that he would go as Wally to nursery today.

Do you think he let me take a photo of him this morning? Of course not! So good job we had a dress rehersal on Monday!

I love the Where's Wally books, and it is a very simple costume to get together. I already had the bright blue trousers as I'd made them for the KCWC 2011, and the red stripey t-shirt is one of Wiss's wardrobe staples. All I needed was to buy some joke glasses and knit a hat (thanks to Nana Daisy for making such a wonderful pompom.) I made up the pattern myself which is why it looks a little like a tea cosy!

I thought that Wiss should at least be introduced to Wally if he was going to dress up as him, but the books are a little tricky for a two year old. Sometimes it takes me forever to find him! So I came up with this idea that is great for little ones, and older ones too! I googled Wally to find a clear image of him, then printed him out onto A3 paper. I mounted these onto thin foamboard (or stiff card) and cut them out.

Then we took our Wallys to the park for some fun! I wish that I could have taken the photos in some sunny and exotic location, but instead it was a grey, cold day in Crystal Palace park. So cold that Wally/Wiss had to wear a coat, but he did show his outfit off for the camera!)

I hid the cardboard Wallys along the path, while Wiss hid his eyes. He then had to find them. Simple but boy, did he enjoy it! "Again! Again!" We played until the cold forced us to go in. We've also been playing it at home this week. I can see that this is a brilliant way to introduce concepts of under, behind, on top etc. Plus it's a lovely way to get the story off the page and further interest the kids.

And of course, he wouldn't wear the glasses so this is the next best thing...

Happy World Book Day to you all! I'd love to hear what you've been up to yourselves, and what costumes have been rocked today!

Check out the official World Book Day website for loads of ideas and downloads.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow as I will have the lovely Beth from Miss Magpie Makes as my guest. She will be sharing some of her inventive Book Day costumes over the years, and there's a cracking photo at the end!


  1. Brilliant! Wiss looks amazing (and extremely cute!!) and also like he is having a fantastic time! What a great idea you had, books for early years need to be more interactive, we need to let go of that fear of letting young children handle books and instead encourage them to get stuck in and have fun! :) xx

  2. Thank you! I agree, even really little ones love books and turning pages way before they are able to read.


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