Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Get Ready to Sell it Mama!

Just a quick post to let you know what I am up to now...and for the next four weeks!

'This is Wiss' is making another appearance at the next Sell It Mama event on the 8 October so I am busy sewing a whole new batch of stock. I am making all the best sellers plus some new twists - gorgeous changing mat and wet bag sets sets in Kokka fabrics, Bobby Horses in fab new colours and lots more Flannel Monsters!

I dream of one day having a sewing room - or even just a corner of a room to lay out all my things and not have to pack them away at the end of the night. But until I win the lottery the kitchen table is where it all happens, after Wiss has gone to bed, and after we've had dinner!

I can't complain though as I do have a special helper with me most evenings...

The weekend of the 8/9 October is a big one for me. As I mentioned (once or twice already!) I have Sell It Mama on the Saturday, and then on Sunday morning I will be running the Royal London Parks Half Marathon, raising money for Asthma UK. That Sunday also happens to be my first wedding anniversary so I hope to enjoy a glass or two of bubbles with Mr T in the evening!

You'd think that after all of that I would be planning a rest...but oh no! The Kids Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2001 starts on the 10th October over on Elsie Marley and I can't wait to get involved! The idea is simple: you spend an hour each day of the week making some clothes for the little people in your life. That's it! I know Wiss could use some more clothes and it will be cool to see how much I can acheive in a week. Why don't you join in too?

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