Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another weekend, yet another handmade birthday present!

I told you it was birthday season for us! The scary thing is the birthdays carry on coming until the middle of November...and then it's Christmas of course! (Sssh! Just pretend I didn't write that word, we've got ages until then.)

The birthday in question this week is a little girl's second, and seeing as summer really is over and I couldn't get away with another Warhol dress, I decided to make a Simple Skirt (from my favourite blog, MADE) I figured it could be worn on it's own if we have a late Indian summer, or with tights more than likely! It really couldn't have been any simpler to make and I am very pleased with the results.

I wanted to make it girly but avoid the cliched pink, and I had some great buttons that I've been wanting to use for ages. I love grey alongside a bright colour, and on kids clothes I think it looks sophisticated without being too 'old'. (I realise there is just the tiniest hint of grey on this project but I mean in general.)

The skirt is double layered using a red and white striped polycotton to contrast with the buttons, and a fab red cotton. I used grey cotton for the double stitching on the hems and waistband to add some more detail. I wanted to make some reference to it being her second birthday but thought an appliqued number would be too obvious and spoil the look so instead I went uber-subtle and sewed on a button for each of her years!

Fingers crossed it is dry on Saturday for her party! Now what I really need to do it start making more stock for This Is Wiss. The next Sell It Mama is in less than 5 weeks time.....! Eek

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  1. Great job! Good luck with all your crafty projects you have on the go...I'm glad I'm not the only one with a whack load of projects screaming to be made.
    Thx for your comment :)


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