Thursday, 9 October 2014

Graze Box Hack - part 3!

This blog is primarily about making stuff and I apologise that recently there hasn't been much of that going on. Damn cute babies getting in the way!

Anyway, today I have another brilliant Graze Box Hack to share with you. If you are a regular reader you'll know that I've been putting my empty Graze boxes to good use by turning them into portable toys. You can find those posts here and here.

This latest hack was actually made by my lovely friends & work colleagues Laurence and Laura as a surprise gift for Wiss when he became a big brother.

He was so excited as it arrived in the post for him, and look at what they made...

Graze Box Subbuteo!

They have thought of everything from the wobbly flickable players, the team names, the cheering crowd and there's even a way of keeping track of the score with little pegs in holes. Genius!

We've had loads of table top South London derbies already, and like all the other Graze Box Hacks it's totally portable. So you can play wherever you want!

Has anyone else been inspired to turn their empty Graze box into something else? Please feel free to leave me your links or photos below, or tweet me @thisiswiss I'd love to see them!

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