Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mollie Makes...This is Wiss!

Following on from my earlier post about taking This is Wiss to the next step, I had some fantastic news this week. I have been wanting to share it for some time as I was so excited but I wanted to wait until I saw it with my own eyes. And here it is!

This is a page from the July edition of Mollie Makes magazine, and look! there is my fluorescent print!

Mollie Makes is a great crafting magazine, launched in May 2011 and features anything and everything handmade. It's a modern take on many old-fashioned crafts: it's a great source of inspiration and has lots of tutorials so you can try new things. I treated myself to a subscription this Christmas! If you want to have a look for yourself you can pick up a copy in the UK from WHSmiths, Sainsburys, and independent craft shops such as Ray Stitch, or check out the Mollie Makes website for international outlets or a web copy.

Enough of the sales pitch!

Now I know that this is just a tiny piece but I am so chuffed and it couldn't have come at a  better time: just as I was thinking of ways to reach a wider audience. Exposure (however big or small) is great and I plan to build upon it (etsy shop coming soon, I promise!) But there was just one small problem issue: the fabulous fluorescent pink material I use for these dice is strictly limited edition. So limited in fact, that there is precious little left. I have enough to complete some custom orders, and I have some dice made up in stock but once they are's all gone! Forever.

This situation is far from ideal, especially as I hope to be growing my business but I have finally been able to source some lovely replacement fabric and in some great new colours too. I will now be making my dice in cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, and mustard yellow...
These dice are just some of the new products I will be selling this year - I'll keep you informed of all the developments as they happen. Until then, you can get your hands on a squishy dice (as featured in Mollie Makes!) via my website or if you're a Londoner, come and see me at the Balham Craft Fair on the 22 July. I can also custom-make dice with names (up to a maximum of six letters).

Thanks for reading as always, and watch this space!


  1. woop woop! Congratulations, and I hope those orders come flooding in :)

  2. glad you found some lovely new replacement fabrics! :) Congratulations again.


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