Friday, 15 June 2012

Pitter patter raindrops, I'm wet are you!

After all the fun and sunshine leading up to Jubilee weekend it was somewhat disappointing when the actual event itself was a washout. I hear that London had some good weather on the Monday and the news reports we saw looked glorious. My family and I went to Ireland so we missed out on all the celebrations but don't worry, we didn't miss out on the weather. Wet is the only way to describe our week in the Emerald Isle, and that's being polite!

We did a lot of driving (1014 miles in total!)
We saw a lot of this:
We spent a lot of time in our waterproofs and wellies (and I was sure I was going to get Trench Foot as my feet were permanently soggy!) It's such a shame; we thought a week in a cottage on a farm in June would be heavenly. I like a real log fire as much as the next person but in summer??!

It was a great opportunity however, to spend time together, slow down, relax and introduce Lewis to the Irish side of the family. We visited Secret Valley Farm and were lucky enough to help feed the kid goats. Even in the rain it was a great place to visit and there's so much to do.

And then one day, the sun came out! It's amazing how the sun transforms everything and everyone.
Unfortunately the rain returned just as quickly as it had disappeared and the end of our stay was just as soggy. Oh dear!

Children are amazing though and it takes more than some heavy precipitation to dampen their spirits. Lewis had a ball, quite literally...
And he now knows all the words to 'I hear thunder...' !!!

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