Friday, 25 May 2012

New & Improved!

I'm back with the next installment of This is Wiss news!

At the end of last year I sent out a questionnaire to my customers asking them for some feedback on the products they had. I knew I'd have to make a whole new batch of stock this year so thought it would be a good chance to tweak and improve any items if needed.

I asked about each range: how they were using the item, what they particularly liked and what would make it better? I was thrilled with the responses - I was after honest feedback but was over the moon to discover that everyone was actually using their products. That's the real test, right?

The Flannel Monsters seemed to be doing a sterling job, and one mum reported that her daughter would not wash her face with any other flannel!! From feedback at craft fairs, I have added some more faces so look out for these: scary, cheeky, smiley and ....posh? Sounds like the Spice Girls are reforming again!
The Square Hares & Square Bears are proving to be very popular as comforters as well as dribble cloths to chew on. I have been able to source an organic bamboo and cotton velour which is even softer than the terry towelling (though not as absorbent obviously) I will be selling both types alongside each other to gauge which is most popular. I'm also currently tweaking the Hares & Bears design to make them even more attractive to little ones. More when they are made up.

The product that drew the biggest comments were the changing mat and waterproof bags. It seems that everybody is using them in very different ways, and so suggested various improvements to their design. I have added a handle/strap to all of the new waterproof bags now, after someone pointed out that it was hard to carry everything you need to the changing room as well as a two stone toddler!
It also became apparent that some people were happy with only wet bag (usually if you are using disposable nappies), some used two (good for use with washable nappies) while some wanted three!! Taking this on board, I am now selling the sets with either one or two bags and individual bags can also be purchased separately.

The main concern was to keep everything as compact as possible, and it seems everyone was happy with the overall sizes of both the mats and the bags. There was a request for the changing mat to be able to fit into a waterproof bag, but others said they liked to keep the two separate. To accommodate both I have added some extra lines of stitches to the changing mats. These now allow the mat to be folded in either quarters, or sixths as well as giving a little more detail to the design.

Now the final piece of news! I am a big fan of Sell it Mama and love the whole ethos of the events. If you have a child you will know how expensive everything can be, and how little time you actually use most things for. At Sell it Mama you can buy (or sell) good quality second-hand baby and toddler stuff as well as finding new and original items from local small businesses (like me!) Have a look at this post to see some of the bargains I have come away with.

Sell it Mama is branching out and will be in Blackheath, South East London tomorrow 26 May from 1.30pm. Check the website for more information but I will be there selling all the bestsellers, and the new and improved stock too! I'd love to see you there too.

Enjoy the wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and I'll be back with the Jubilee Blog Special on Monday!

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