Friday, 18 March 2016

Ta Da! Knitted Pull-Through Scarf

Hooray! It's a 'Ta-Da' post...finally!

Just before Christmas last year, I attended a Pompom making class led by Hollie (Flora Fairweather) and put on by The Mamahood.* I was so inspired by Hollie's use of colours and pompoms on everything I wanted to get making something myself.
This little pull-through scarf is easy to make and it knits up quickly (especially if you use a chunky yarn.) The design is perfect for little ones as it's less bulky around the neck than a traditional scarf, and the fun pom-poms also stop it from coming undone.

I sort of just winged it when it came to a pattern but I knitted up another scarf so I could check what I had done and write it down. If you want to make a pull-through scarf yourself then you can follow this pattern, but please feel free to adjust it where necessary. I have given the tension and needle size I used but obviously, this can be knitted with any yarn and needle size. This scarf is perfect for my little Miss who is 18 months old, but you will probably want to make the scarf longer for older children.

Yarn: I used Wool & the Gang cotton yarn for the bright yellow scarf, and the blue scarf is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

Tension: 10cm x 10cm 28 stitches x 44 rows

Needles: 4mm

Cast on 1 stitch (1)
Inc 1 (2)
Inc 1 on both stitches (4)
*Inc 1 first stitch, knit to the end of the row, leaving last stitch, Inc 1 on last stitch*
Repeat ** until you have 28 stitches
Knit 28 rows (or more if you want a longer bit to pull through)

Now you will start to make the holes to poke the scarf through. You will need some stitch holders (they look like giant safety pins).

*K2, P2, K2, P2* (8 stitches of rib)
Put rest of stitches onto a stitch holder (16)
Repeat ** for 15 rows
Put 8 stitches onto another stitch holder

Take the middle 8 stitches onto your needle, leaving 8 stitches behind on the holder.
Knit for 15 rows
Add these 8 stitches to the 8 ribbed stitches on the holder

Take the last 8 stitches onto your needle
*K2, P2, K2, P2* (8 stitches of rib)
Repeat for 15 rows

Now you want all your stitches on your needle but add them from the first ribbed section you knitted so that you have your yarn thread at the point of your needle, ready to start the next row.

Knit for 104 rows (or however long you want your scarf. Take a measurement around the neck as it should be close-fitting)

*K2, P2* Repeat until the end of the row (28 stitches)
Repeat ribbing for 34 rows

Knit 28 rows (or however many you knitted at the other end)

*K2tog, K until you have 2 stitches left, K2tog*
Repeat ** until you have 1 stitch left
Cast off and leave a long tail.

Make 2 pompoms using a pompom maker and whatever bright colours you fancy and attach to the two pointed ends of the scarf using the long tails for extra security. (These need to be fastened tightly as they will get pulled quite a bit.)

And there you have it! If you are able to follow this 'pattern' and make your own pull-through scarf then please share a photo with me - I would love to see it! I am This is Wiss on all social media, or leave a picture in the comments below.

Happy knitting!

*I urge you to check out The Mamahood - such a wonderful supportive community run by Diana. She runs inspiring, creative and collaborative local events for mamas. Currently only in SE London but the Mamahood will be expanding so keep an eye out for events in your area.

Also, check out Flora Fairweather's IG feed for bright and beautiful images, and lots of pompoms!

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