Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Sticker Club - our Review

A few months ago we were offered the chance to review a new product for kids. The Sticker Club is a super cool sticker subscription service. Using creative designers to make unique and original images, the stickers are then delivered by post weekly or monthly depending on your choice. Wiss was lucky enough to be given a 3 month weekly subscription, so every Wednesday he had a happy post day!
The stickers come in a distinctive yellow envelope and Wiss loved spotting it in amongst the post. With the 3 month subscription we got 6 sheets of stickers each week, and each one is different. No duplicates!
I have to say that for the first few weeks Wiss didn't really seem to know what to do with his stickers. Apart from sticking a few onto his things he left the rest and so amassed a small pile. Personally, I think that he was so used to stickers being part of something; a workbook or an activity sheet, that he just wasn't used to going 'free-range' with his stickers. He shared some with friends, and embellished birthday cards with them...
But something clicked, or inspiration struck, or there were just too many fab stickers not being used and suddenly he couldn't get enough of them! He started to use them to tell stories, and make large imaginary scenarios which grew and grew as he added more and more stickers. We have an easel with a long roll of paper and he could spend ages creating these scenes and the narratives to go with them. I loved watching him get engrossed in this activity, and hearing the crazy stories!
We both loved the stickers (I may have even nabbed a few for myself. We'll call that Mama Tax!) I liked the fact that they were quirky, original and non-gendered. Wiss just thought they were fun!

There are lots of different subscription options on their website so you're bound to find something that suits what you are after. I have bought a few of the 1 month subscriptions as birthday presents for children in Wiss's class. At just £7.99 they make a great little gift, and all the children have enjoyed getting something for them through the real post. And if you are hosting a party yourself then you could choose personalised Sticker Club packs for the party bags.

I think you can tell that we love the Sticker Club! Check them out yourself...

Disclaimer: we were sent a 3 month subscription for free (usual price £23.99) but as always, all opinions are our own.

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