Monday, 3 November 2014

Mini Meals - a recipe invented by Wiss

I hope this post isn't too indulgent but when Wiss told me that he'd thought up a recipe all by himself I was intrigued. What would a 4 year old make for dinner?!

In his own words: "you need a bit of pastry or something, and make it round. Then you can put stuff in it like creme fraiche* or ham or cheese or anything really. Then cook it."

I have to say I was pretty impressed and thought that could be delicious - they're a bit like a pasty or an empanada. Wiss even came up with the name for them, and a theme tune too!

So here is our recipe for Mini Meals...

You will need:

  • Puff pastry - ready rolled or a block rolled out to about 5mm thick
  • Various ingredients you like such as tuna, cheese, ham, spinach, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn, peppers, olives, tomato puree, creme fraiche etc
  • Beaten egg or milk

Cut your pastry into round shapes using a small plate or similar as a template. Use any left overs to make decorations for the tops - Wiss cut out stars and elephants!

Spread one half of your circle with either tomato puree or creme fraiche depending on your preference, but don't go right to the edge. You will need this bit free from ingredients so you can stick it together.

Then add whatever combination of ingredients you fancy. We went for ham, cheese and sweetcorn, tuna, spinach and olive, cheese, peppers and peas, and one with pretty much everything in! Everyone can choose their own concoction - great for kids!

When you have filled them the way you want brush the edge of your pastry circle with the beaten egg/milk and fold over to make a semi-circle shape. Use your fingers to pinch and crimp the edges together. Decorate with the extra pastry shapes if you have them and glaze the tops with egg/milk. We added the last of the cheese on top too...

Bake at around 180 degrees until the pastry is crisp and golden. Serve with salad and enjoy!

The 'Mini Meals' were delicious! What with the recipe and the Mini Meals jingle, who knows, you may see these in the supermarkets soon!

*This is not actually a sponsored post but Wiss is addicted to creme fraiche and would eat it with everything if he could!

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