Wednesday, 13 August 2014

#BlogBumpClub - 38 weeks

Wow! 38 weeks, very nearly there... and I'm looking kind of tired of this week!

I started my maternity leave last week with a brilliant day at Brockwell Park. Wiss bunked off nursery and we headed to the Lido. I can't lie, the water was cold!! But we braved it and once you were in it was wonderful. We ate our picnic lunch whilst shivering to warm up, and as soon as we were dry we got back in again! Swim. Shiver. Eat. Repeat.
We spent the whole afternoon at the adventure playground on the other side of the park, messing around in the sand, before heading to the pub for dinner. It was such a great time with my big little man: it felt like we'd been on holiday, all in one day! I'm trying to make the most of all the time we have with Wiss alone before the baby arrives, and he becomes a big brother.
With only two(ish) weeks to go my 'nesting' instinct has finally kicked in and probably gone into overdrive to make up for lost time. I've painted the blackboard wall in the kitchen (see picture at the top), and have the paint ready to finish our bedroom this week (where the baby will be sleeping too). I've sorted out the wardrobe to make space for tiny baby grows and even tinier socks, which we eventually got down from the loft this weekend. I've even fixed the travel system and re-learnt how to fold it up and down! The hospital bag is on tomorrow's To Do list though...

The husband and I had a day together last week, child free, and we 'did lunch'. Steak frites and a sniff of his red wine, heaven! Names were on our lunchtime agenda and I *think* we have got them sorted. For the moment at least! Sorry, no clues or reveals until the baby is here.
Physically I'm feeling really well and my obsession with ice cubes has subsided. I was surprised by the huge response I got on Twitter when I asked if anyone one else had ice cravings, and even more surprised to find out that it is often a sign of low iron levels. I've had low iron since the start of this pregnancy but the ice addiction really took hold a few weeks ago and the freezer wasn't able to make cubes fast enough! I've made sure I take my iron supplements twice a day and have been alternating between tablets and SpaTone sachets. These taste pretty good and also seem to avoid the other less glamorous side-effects of taking iron, ahem!

This huge burst of energy means that I've found it tricky to find time to blog, tweet, sew or finish my website so apologies but I'm trying to be as zen as possible about this. There will be plenty of time once the baby is here.

Won't there??!

Another Blog Bump Club baby has been welcomed into the world, hello Beatrice Hope! Huge congratulations to Jennie from Edspire. Click on the link to pop over and check out how everyone else is doing and what they are all up to:

Mother's Always Right


  1. You're looking amazing - so well and not tired at all! Love the blackboard wall. And that lunch with the husband and day with your lovely boy sound like heaven. I can totally relate to wanting to spend quality time with your big boy before you become a family of four. That's been on my mind too this summer and is one of the reasons I've had to put my blog on the backburner a little and be a bit more calm about all the things on my to-do list! Lovely to see you linking up to #BlogBumpClub again. xx

  2. Thank you! It's going to be such an adjustment for the older siblings isn't it? But I'm sure they will take it in their stride like they do most things. The To Do list will always be there, I think it's good to forget about it for a while and have some fun. I hope you and your big boy enjoy your time together.
    Thanks for hosting the #BlogBumpClub Molly, it's so interesting to see how everyone is doing. X


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