Tuesday, 3 June 2014

We Like to Read - When I Was Born

We Like to Read - I bought this book as a way of getting Wiss ready for the arrival of the new baby. Written by Isobel Minhos Martins, it shows just how far the character in the story has come since he was born.

"When I was born...I had never seen anything....I didn't know what the sea was..."

It's a really lovely way to gently show the older child the difference between them and a baby, but it works equally well even if there is no younger sibling. It's a great celebration of all the things a child has learnt so far, and will continue to discover each day.

The graphic illustrations by Madalena Matoso are brilliant (as you'd expect from a Tate book) I love the bold colours against the black pages. And of course Wiss was over the moon with the giraffe poo image!

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  1. great minds certainly do think alike! such a fantastic book isn't it! off to pin now :) x


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