Sunday, 30 March 2014

Look, News! & a New Look!

As I announced in my last post, we have some wonderful news :) I am nearly 19 weeks pregnant, and after 3 or 4 months of feeling terrible, exhausted and downright sick, I am now in the 2nd Trimester where, happily, I am feeling much more myself. Which means that I have a head and notebook full of things to do, projects to complete, and things to make...all before this end of August deadline!

To help with my big plans, and so that I am able to share everything with you guys I've decided to get strict with my blog. I would love to blog more regularly than I currently do, but I'm also realistic in that I just can't write everyday. So I'm planning a weekly timetable to keep things fresh and keep me inspired (and hopefully you too).

First week of the month:
'We like to read' You can never have enough books in my opinion, and I believe they are so important when growing up. I'll be linking up with Fritha and other bloggers on Tigerlilly Quinn for this great series celebrating the books we are reading at home.

Second week of the month:
'Work in Progress' I'll be sharing what I'm currently making that month. This could be anything from knitting & sewing, to crafts or even DIY.

Third week of the month:
'Kids Craft Corner' Wiss loves to make things, and likes to show them off even more! We'll be be trying out a wide range of techniques and activities that can be done by, or with a four year old.

Fourth week of the month:
'Ta-Da!!!I always have such a long To Do list that I thought it would be good to focus on the things that I've actually finished. 'Ta Da' not 'To Do'!

and when there's an extra 5th week in the month I'll be planning something extra special: this could be a guest post, a topical article or anything a little bit different.

Of course I'll let you all know of any This is Wiss news as and when it happens, and I'll try to join in with Silent Sunday whenever I can!

Phew! That should keep me busy for the time being.... See you soon for my first We Like to Read post :)


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