Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dining Room Art Gallery

When we moved into our new house, our dining room was a large white box with nothing in it at all. It looked like a new art gallery, but obviously it couldn't stay that way for ever! Furniture was moved in, shelves were built, stuff got deposited in various places like it always does, but I kept one wall blank. One large white wall that I hoped would become our art gallery throughout the year.

I've mentioned many times how much I like the MADE website. It is a huge inspiration for many things but I particularly like the ever-changing house decorations she makes (halloween and snowflakes for example) I thought that Wiss and I could make something every month to go on the Art Gallery Wall - it would be a nice activity to do together and we would be able to make something topical or seasonal as the year went on. (As you will see, we've not quite done it monthly but you know how time goes so quickly!)

I've tried to use a variety of crafts so that Wiss gets to experiment with different materials and mediums. I really enjoy the time we spend together talking as we make, and it's been a really good way for him to begin to understand the passing year, and how things change, as well as making some great art. He is really proud to have his work on display and because it's in the dining room it's a great focal point.

So here's our Art Gallery catalogue so far...

January - Paper Plate Fishes for our Octonauts Party

February - Folded Paper Painted Hearts

Wiss admiring his work whilst creating the next exhibit

March - Easter Eggs, Chick & Bunny using stickers, tissue paper and glitter pens

Using glitter pens for the Easter Eggs
May - Spring Flowers using cupcake cases, egg boxes and tissue paper (with 100 drawn ants!)

Sticking on foam cubes for the 'sun'

Sewing packing foam chips onto wool for the 'rain'

June - Our British Summer!

We're due a new exhibition very soon - while it's sunny it may be a good time to do some really BIG art... What do you think?
And if you've not got space for a large wall gallery how about this Kids Art Display idea from Davina at The Making Home? The curtain wire could be fitted into any available space and you could hang new pictures up as often as you like.
As always, I'd love to see what you have been making and creating so please leave a comment or link below and show us all!


  1. What a great idea Angela, love it! So much fun for you and Wiss. Perhaps printed postcards of previous masterpieces could create a frame for future work?

  2. Hi Yat, that's a brilliant idea. And then the frame would look like a collage of all the other work. Thanks!


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