Thursday, 20 September 2012

The End of the Summer

Yes, it's true. Summer is officially over. I don't mind too much, although I love warm sunny days and long light evenings, I really like it when the weather turns and there's that crisp bite in the air. Cold days but bright blue skies.

With Autumn comes many of my favourite things: conkers, 'back-to-school' new stationary, opaque tights, my birthday....! But seeing as Summer 2012 was the most fleeting season in recent memory, and we spent most of that precious time house-hunting or house-moving we thought we'd give it a proper send off with a weekend away.

I am really fortunate that I work for an awesome company, and one of the (many) perks is that the office owns a grade II listed weekend cottage near Whipsnade Zoo that we are able to use. Cool, huh? Just wait til you see it...
Holly Frindle was designed by Berthold Lubetkin in the 1930's (he also designed the old Elephant House at Whipsnade and the Penguin Enclosure at London Zoo). It's always reminded me a bit of a hip Big Brother house, and although this bungalow has seen many, many parties it works so well for kids too. I guess that's a sign of great architecture when it works on many levels. It's just a fantastic space to inhabit. There's no stairs to worry about, it's got huge windows with long ledges that make great play surfaces, and we even had space to build a brio railway using EVERY piece of track we own down the long hallway! The boys were in heaven.

As much as I love London, it is always a treat to get away for a break especially in the countryside. We went to the Zoo, played camp and explored, petted the horses, saw the wallabies at the end of the garden, (had a take away and watched x-factor!) You know, all the lovely relaxing things you can do when you're not at home.

The boys (all aged between 2.5 and 3 years old) were brilliant fun and got on so well all weekend. Of course, we couldn't resist taking tons of photos and I even tried to set up an arty photo shoot. Hmmmmmm, it wasn't a huge success....

What I enjoyed most about the weekend was not having to rush anywhere, or try to do a million things in the day. We had time to relax, hang out in our PJs, enjoy ourselves and each other, and I think Wiss really liked having a bit more freedom and adventure. All things I plan to work on now we're back to 'normal life' in London. I'll have to make sure I add 'chillax' on my ever-expanding To Do list! That counts, right?!

So farewell Summer, and hello Autumn. Please be kind and don't rush too quickly towards Christmas!

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