Monday, 13 February 2012

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly!

As usual, life is getting in the way of my 'To Do' lists (but I can't complain too much, we had a lovely weekend away) It does mean, however, that it has taken me an age to get round to posting about this super cute cape.

If I was religious I would have a god-daughter, but instead I am a very special auntie. My very special 'niece' turned 2 at the start of the year and I'd been planning to make her this cape as soon as I saw the pattern. It's from Oliver & S Little Things to Sew I wasn't brave enough to make the cape in Riding Hood Red, so instead chose a red and white polka dot lining (from Ray Stitch) to flash against the charcoal grey wool suiting fabric. When I saw the over sized button in John Lewis I knew it would be the perfect finishing touch.

The pattern says it's for beginners and honestly, it was so easy to make. It did suggest sewing the exterior and lining alternately which I ignored as I didn't want to keep changing matching threads and it didn't cause any problems.

It is such a cute design and I think it could be thrown on top of any outfit and still work. I'm wondering if I could scale the pattern up to make one for me I like it so much!

Literally the moment I finished sewing, the postman delivered a package for me. The timing could not have been any better if it had been scripted. I ordered some woven labels from etsy after a tip-off on Twitter - I thought they'd be a great way to finish projects I made for fun, or for presents. Just look at how fantastic they are!

I am so pleased with how this cape turned out, I can't wait to see Holly wearing it (although I hope the button doesn't topple her over!!)


  1. Ange, it's beautiful, I want one too!! xx

  2. This cape is wonderful! I also love the labels - that is a great tip!


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