Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I'm feeling a trifle poorly!

We are all now back to complete 'normality' after Christmas and New Year. The short week was a nice way to ease myself back into work and the nursery routine. I completed my first week of the 16 week marathon plan, feeling good. And then bam! Sickness strikes!

First it was Wiss, then me and now the husband too. I spent all day either asleep or on the sofa and although I know this is what my body needs it still sucks. I hate doing nothing and I hate being ill!

I thought because of my relative inactivity I'd share a couple of things I made over the festive period. The first, individual trifles, are so pretty they made me feel better just looking at the pictures!

We celebrated New Years Eve with friends and a Great British theme for the meal. We all took dishes along, and I decided on mini trifles made in little jam jars. (This idea was shamelessly 'borrowed' from Ben's Canteen, a lovely gastropub in Clapham that everyone should try. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the food since going a few weeks ago!)

The trifles themselves were fairly bog-standard except I used Battenberg sponge at the bottom and Amaretto instead of sherry. A layer of strawberry jelly with fresh strawberries, then custard, then whipped cream. Delicious! And just the right size after a large meal.

There was one member of our New Years Eve crowd who wouldn't be tucking into the trifles or any of the other delicious food on offer: Baby Bryn, just 5 weeks old! Ever since I'd found out about his imminent arrival I'd been planning on making him something to do with Tom Jones. His mum is Welsh, what more can I say?!

I used the baby sleep sack pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated (a lovely book with fab patterns for boys and girls) and I bought a Tom Jones tour t-shirt from eBay to re-fashion it from. I had to use a plain red t-shirt for the material for the arms and binding, but the tour dates are still authentically on the reverse of the nighty! Very cute.

Nighty night all!

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