Monday, 5 December 2011

This is Wiss at Dulwich Farmer's Market

After what seemed like weeks and weeks of slaving away at the kitchen table sewing up more stock, This is Wiss returned to Dulwich Farmer's Market Craft Fair on Sunday. I was pretty pleased with amount of stuff I'd made - loads of waterproof bags as they were so popular last time, some gorgeous new fabrics, and I launched my new chWISStmas bobby horse 'Rudy' too!

I had also had plans for improving the stall but didn't get a chance to make what I'd wanted for this week, but it will happen. It's such a learning curve and every time I have a stall I notice what works and what doesn't, check out other people's stalls and what I like about their displays, plus it's so interesting to see how people interact with your products. I think it's going to be a constantly evolving process getting to the best stall design, and especially for the next market as it's a special Christmas one! I'm going to go all out on festivities and decorations :)

It was a much quieter day this Sunday than the last market, I think because it wasn't the regular slot in the calendar, but even so we had a flurry of people braving the chilly weather. It was lovely to meet so many people who showed an interest in what I am making. The feedback is invaluable and a real boost to one's confidence. It's also great to meet other stall holders at these events - so hello to Arty & Bella and Little Red Press. They are both making beautiful things so check out them out!

I will be back at Dulwich Market on the 18th December so if you can make it along I'd love to see you!

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